IT staffing companies in India

Finding an IT staffing companies in India can be a daunting task

Staffing firms in general are manpower companies who supply staff to other companies  based on the criteria laid down by them however ,

when it comes to IT staffing firms  it simply means that they are focused or specialised in  the field of Information technology.

They have in house recruitment team who can screen the candidates on your behalf on all technical aspects of IT

because IT is a technical field with software, hardware & networking being  the major component hence,

a non technical recruiter will not be able to gauge the skill set of a candidate.

Benefits of hiring staffing Service Providers specialized in IT.

  • 1-Qualified Candidates

Since an IT staffing company is focused on the IT industry they have vast  job seekers data.

They screen the candidates on technical assessment. Staffing firm does the verification  thus saving you a lot of time in the process.

  • 2-Reduced Time to Hire

When you have an opening in your organisation it means the current work load is shared with some other staff hence it may impact productivity of the team,

impact customer service, increase stress of the team handling the extra load of the position vacant.

Filtering vast job applications requires time and effort the more time a firm takes to on board staff the more damage may be caused due to open vacancy.

The staffing agency comes handy in this situation as they have a ready pool of candidates who are currently looking for jobs and hence,

The turn around time is quick as the process is handled by the staffing firm on your behalf.

  • 3-Building efficient team along the way 

When you have hired a staffing agency you always have that flexibility of hiring staff on a temporary basis, you can increase & decrease staff strength  based on the business cycle no question asked, no headache of labour compliance as the employee is not on your direct payroll.

This brings in the added advantage where you can hire a staff permanently based on the performance during the temporary tenure of the candidate. This in turn is a good strategy of building a tried and tested team along the way.

  • 4-Project based scaling-

IT staffing firms have a ready pool of seasoned  freelancers & professionals who love to work on contract basis assignments.

You can always seek IT firm expertise when you’re looking to hire for an urgent project as the staffing agency can negotiate a project-based contract with the right professionals.

This will help you scale up or down as the project demands without being stuck by on-boarding a permanent staff.

  • 5-Free from labour law compliance

The biggest hassle specially for small & startup businesses is involving labour compliance and  paper work of hiring candidates.

There comes the service of IT staffing companies. Hire the right company, explain your requirements and sit back and relax. They assume the full responsibility of the legal part of hiring & paper work & thus you are free to focus on your core business.

Now, let’s discuss some don’ts of selecting an IT staffing agency 

  • 1-Don’t hire staffing agency only based on their experience 

Mear experience does not culminate into capability this is especially true in the IT industry which is dynamic and ever evolving with new technology.

If the firm is not flexible enough to adapt to new technologies it is not worth hiring a firm which has expertise in only a few areas and can go obsolete in a few years.

Don’t hire IT staffing firm which only understand your technical aspect of requirement 

The most common mistake is to settle with a staffing firm who have just understood technical skill set required for the job and ignored or least bothered to understand your company culture because,

When a staffing firm looks for a candidate for a new role, factors like position responsibilities, team dynamics, and company culture – in addition to the desired skill set – are all key to discovering the perfect fit. 

A lack of such awareness about your organisation’s culture would mean that you end up wasting your time screening unsuitable candidates.

Many businesses make the mistake of settling for a broad-spectrum staffing agency instead of an industry-specific professional who knows the ins and outs of your business. 

General staffing agencies cater to a broad spectrum of industries but you need to find a staffing firm which has a dedicated IT team which focuses on serving clients specifically from the IT industry.

This will help to reduce turn around time and find suitable resources who are well screened on technicalities of your requirement by the IT staffing company.

  • 2-Don’t hire if the agency lacks in communication 

Of course you don’t want recruiters calling you constantly to update but however you should expect them to have a reasonable level of communication like number of candidates Shortlisted for you, day and time of the scheduled interview etc.

This will build transparency between you and the staffing firm throughout the hiring process.

  • 3-Getting onboard without knowing their process

Partnering with a staffing agency in India  with zero knowledge about their screening and related processes will likely lead to hiring issues.

To ensure a successful long-term partnership, transparency and two-way communication are fundamental to avoiding misunderstandings and establishing an open channel for sharing ideas and improving processes. 

Ongoing communication ensures that the staffing agency’s screening process checks off your requirements, i.e., screening for tech abilities, personality, and the right cultural fit. The agency will also verify the candidates’ references. 

This trust will allow your business to worry less about recruitment and focus more on core operations.

Keeping in mind the above points will save you a lot of money and time.

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