What career should I choose after 10th or 12th? this is a common question among students who pass out of 10th and 12th exam.

This page will surely help you to get the answer.

Step 1- What career should I choose? a self analysis

Important Note

Before doing self analysis you should get your self free of certain things like,Choosing a career because of money & secondly choosing a career because your friends are doing it or telling you to do it, now lets understand what a self analysis is all about,Self analysis in simple terms is understanding your strength, weakness, likes , dislikes, in short understanding your personality, you have to write down all points on paper  for example,

Strength – Confident in public speaking, have lot of patient, good command on writing.

Weakness  – Fear of failure, lack of confidence, poor memory, fear of talking to strangers.

Likes- like to interact/chat  with people, like to cook, like to travel new places, like to read lot of books,

Dislikes- Do not like talking too much, dislike people who chit chat a lot, dislike being in groups, love to be alone or few people around,

Passion- Your have a passion for bikes, cricket, adventure sport, writing, cooking,

If you are still not sure to make the above list take help of your friends, family, lecturer, tuition teacher of school/college counselor and then point down every thing on paper.

Step 2- Matching your self analysis report to the career options available.

Now once you are done with your self analysis report you have to match your report with the career option description ( Career description in simple words is qualities which are essential to be successful in a particular career)

Say for example your strength is confident in speaking to large number of people, love to travel, like to interact with people then you can short list hotel management, travel and tourism in your career option list.

You have to choose multiple career option based on your self analysis report.

Step 3- Learning about the shortlisted career options

Now your final step is to learn about the career options which you have selected based on your self analysis report,

i- You need to know the eligibility criteria for taking admission in that course.

ii- If you have time you may do internship in the shortlisted career option during you vacation or if you cannot then the best is to find people who are already working in that field and ask them to guide you. Once you complete your question of what career should I choose will vanish.

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You can also fill the form on this  website we will try to find you the right person in your chosen career who will answer your queries.


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